One of the most heart wrenching problems that men face in their latter years is male pattern balding. It’ something that most men fear and try to do whatever it is they can to avoid having to suffer through it. Fortunately for for men today versus men 30 years ago, out science and technology has helped a lot of people suffering from this, females as well, and the results are far better than people could have ever expected. You have several options when it comes to dealing with hair loss from topical treatments to oral pills to down right surgical procedures. With surgery being the most expensive and the most invasive of the options people tend to lean towards a much cheaper and less aggressive approach.

People now will take medicine like Provillus or Propecia instead of surgery because they can easily take a pill once a day or apply minoxidil foam and call it a day. However that’s not to say that those methods aren’t completely risk free. These hair loss treatments come with some side effects that most people don’t really pay attention to. You can start to experience a low sex drive as well as hair growing in other places that you’re not targeting. Some people experience varies from others depending on the person. The medications warn you that you can experience a loss in your sex drive but claim that it’s only temporary. However some people have claimed that they’ve never been the same since taking these medications for a long period of time.

Speaking of a long period of time, there lies another downside to these medications. You have to stay on these medications and continue to take them for your hair to grow back and stay. Once you stop taking the medication then the process of regrowing your hair stops and you start to lose your hair again. So unless you’re willing to really commit to something like this then you might want to save your money and just do a full transplant so you never have to worry about maintaining a medication in order to keep your hair. So although the surgery may cost more up front, over time you might be spending more on the medications if you continue to take them every day for years and years. Whichever you decide to do make sure that you consult with a professional first and weigh out all your options.


<strong>Organifi green juice</strong> is a detoxing health drink that capitalizes on the power of super foods/organic food materials to help restore normal body functions to the cellular level. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and alkaline food properties that not only help boost immunity, but also promote weight loss, reduce stress, fatigue, and inflammation as well. These symptoms are very popular among adults and especially seniors whose body acidic levels are beyond the recommended level. Organifi green juice is therefore made to help supercharge your cells by removing toxins and harmful materials from body cells thus promoting good health and even slow down the aging process.

Organifi Green Juice Review: Main Ingredients and Properties

As mentioned earlier, Organifi green juice capitalizes on the powerful and miraculous health/healing benefits of organic superfoods, roots, herbs, and natural fresh foods to promote good health and vitality. The main difference between this healthy drink and other drinks in the market lies with the ingredients used to make the same. Some of the key ingredients used to make Organifi Juice include moringa, chlorella, mint, matcha green tea, beet, ashwagandha, lemon, turmeric, monk fruit and coconut water among others. All these herbs and foods have been used for thousands of years (in Ayurvedic medicine) to treat common ailments and health conditions.

These ingredients are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and fiber, which are essential for proper cell and body development. The vitamins and antioxidants not only expunge toxins and toxic compounds from body cells but also help boost immunity in seniors.

<a href=””>Benefits of Using Organifi Green Juice</a>
Individuals who have used this product have attested to experiencing an energy burst and improved performance especially while at work. These benefits and more are mostly related to focusing on plant-based diet plan, and especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Organifi harnesses this power to help people get enough supply of antioxidants and vitamins to promote this. Some of the health benefits of using this product include:

1. Improved immune function
2. Reduced stress and fatigue due to cell alkalization
3. Natural hormone balance
4. Healthier skin, hair, and nails.
5. Energy boost

The cons
The all-natural formula doesn’t have any side effects on the user.


Based on the Organifi Green Juice review above, this is an excellent product especially for those who wish to turn their lives around by eating healthy. You too can use the product for detoxing and to promote good health as well. Although a great product, you can only buy the product online as it is not available in local stores yet.
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Traction Alopecia: What Can You Do About it

Traction alopecia is a condition that occurs when hair is pulled too hard from the hair follicles. This situation can lead to the breakage of hair and hair loss or alopecia over time. The condition is preventable if detected early on. But if the condition is extensive, it may lead to permanent hair loss in the long run. If you are an individual who tightly braids or ties the hair, you are more prone to suffering from this condition. There are simple steps that you can take to reverse this condition early on. This read offers important information on how to prevent traction alopecia.

The first step is to discontinue your practice of wearing tight hairstyles. Tight ponytails, extensions, and cornrows can result in traction alopecia if worn over a long term period. In fact, the condition can become irreversible if not detected early on. It is important to clean your hair on a regular basis. You can use a shampoo and conditioner designated for dry and damaged hair when washing the scalp. This will help heal the damaged hair and prevent further breakage of it. But you need to make sure not to overdo it since your hair will lose the natural oils and become drier under such circumstances.

Avoid harsh chemicals such as gels, bleaches, relaxers, and hair dyes which can promote traction alopecia. Avoid apply these chemicals on the hair to prevent further damage to the hair and give it time to recuperate. On the other hand, if the condition is extensive, you will not come across any treatments to reverse the condition. This is where transplanted hair grafts come in handy. It is a method of surgically inserting hair into the hair follicles on the scalp. These are some of the most important things to consider if you are suffering from traction alopecia.

Learn More at: Guide For Hair Loss

In conclusion, traction alopecia affects millions of people across the globe. The condition occurs as a result of wearing tight braids and hairstyles. If the condition is extensive, you will not find any treatments to reverse it other than transplanted hair grafts. This is why you should take steps to prevent the condition by following the important steps laid down in this read. Avoid tight hairstyles and harsh chemicals such as hair dyes, gels, bleaches, and relaxers on your scalp. These are very important tips to prevent traction alopecia.

What Are Dihydrotestosterone Blockers?

Do you wonder what dihydrotestosterone blockers are? These are also known as DHT blockers, as dihydrotestosterone is often abbreviated as DHT. DHT blockers are essentially drugs that prohibit the formation of DHT. A side of effect of DHT that many suffer is hair loss. This is a result of blood supply to hair follicles being restricted. The common result of this is that follicles over time die off and then fall out.

The human body has a natural process that turns testosterone into DHT, so DHT blockers should prevent the process from occurring. Adult males who use a DHT blocker often see their hair loss slow, and many cases even witness new hair growth occurring. There are two DHT blockers that are far more common than all others. These two are finasteride and dutasteride.

Finasteride is a scientific name, so looking for it on retail shelves near you might not prove a fruitful use of your time. Rather, look for one of its brand names. The most common is Propecia, and your doctor can certainly go over your options with you. This drug has Food and Drug Administration approval for the intended treatment of hair loss that is a result of generic male pattern baldness.

Are DHT Blockers Effective?

Propecia functions by stopping the activities of a certain enzyme, known as 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme has been seen at prevalent levels in bloodstreams of men who are afflicted with hair loss. When 5-alpha-reductase’s activities are inhibited, finasteride can effectively proactively stop DHT from ever forming, and that helps minimize hair loss from happening.

The other common DHT blocker of dutasteride is widely available through the market brand name of Avodart. It functions very similar to Propecia, as it blocks 5-alpha-reductase enzymes. That enzyme comes in Type I and Type II, though, and while Propecia inhibits Type I, dutasteride as Avodart blocks both Types I and II. Expected DHT formation reduction is measured at up to 90 percent after just 14 days. That makes dutasteride far more potent than finasteride for treating hair loss.

Other DHT blockers do exist and are available through retail channels, but a consultation with your physician is always a good idea, considering he or she can give you access to prescription options as well. Your doctor or primary care physician is also a possibility in terms of getting a referral to a dermatologist who can best assist you.

Also known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia is a kind of alopecia that is usually attributed to a predisposition in genetics and family history of the patient. This is a condition where hair loss in male patients will often come on earlier, be fast and a lot more extensive.

Many doctors will refer to this common baldness as either being androgenic or androgenetic, which actually implies that there is a combination of genetics and hormones that cause a perfect storm for the hair loss to kick into gear. Even with countless studies throughout the years, there is no exact cause of such pattern baldness that is known. The hormones that are involved are present in both males and females.

For Males

Even if you are a male that never goes bald in your lifetime, you will still have thinning out that will occur throughout the years. Unlike someone who has reversible shedding, those who have the common condition of hair loss will not notice when there is hair coming out. Some people will think that people inherit their baldness from the male relatives of their mother. Another common myth is that longer hair can put a lot of strain on the roots or that shampooing is something that accelerates the balding process.

For Females

Unlike hair loss in men, females who are going through issues with androgenic alopecia will not always have a straightforward cause. The result can be complexity when it comes time to find treatments. Similar to the male baldness aspect, the common cause seems to be hormonally related. Some women may have noticeable baldness due to pregnancy, menopause, overactive thyroid or some sort of genetic hormonal response for some sort of autoimmune condition.

If you are looking for treatment options in androgenic alopecia, you will want to see your doctor to find out about blood tests and starting in on a regimen that may start to foster healthy hair growth and inhibit potential loss. Some of the tests may look at testosterone and other hormone levels, look at the amount of iron in the body and the levels of DHEA, prolactin and an overall blood count.

The treatments that are often used for androgenic alopecia will include anti-inflammatories, growth stimulants, anti-androgens and androgen blockers, or a combination of all three of these elements. No matter what, you will always get the best possible result when you are able to work with a trained medical professional.

You’ve seen them on youtube and facebook. The brothers that have taken the internet b storm with their impressive workouts that only consist on using your body to get really lean and ripped. Ever since they started advertising the workout and it going viral by being shared on facebook and tons of other social media outlets. The bar bros workout has become a new phenomenom in the workout arena. But why? What is making it so popular?

First and foremost I think the reason it has gained so much traction is because the guys in the video seem to be a bit more relate able than some huge body builder person who is benching 400 pounds and curling 50 pound dumbbells like they’re grocery bags. The idea that a normal or average joe can do these workouts and get those type of results it I think very appealing to the mass market of people who are looking to get in shape. You also don’t need any crazy equipment to do the workout so that makes it much more accessible and cost effective for people to really jump on board and get started.

Don’t Underestimate the Bar Brothers Workout

By focusing on calisthenics it really opens up the possibility for everyone to get involved. There is also less risk for injury than trying to through up heavy sets of weight which can be really dangerous if you don’t have the proper form to lift the weights, increasing your chance of injury by a large amount. That’s not to say that you can’t hurt yourself with calisthenics but the likely hood is far less than heavy weights. The videos also make the workouts look fun which is also a highlight of the workout as it makes people see that working out doesn’t have to be boring. You can have fun and get the results you want. Much like any goal when it comes to working out a majority of the results is going to be dependent on your nutrition as well. This will more likely be the biggest challenge but if you can get that down than your results will be that much more significant when it comes to reaching your goal.

Another thing that the Bar brothers did that was brilliant was use the social media platforms as mentioned to really get their product out there. It doesn’t cost them anything to make a video and share it and watch it go viral. It’s the cheapest and most effective form of advertising and it seems to be paying off extremely well for them.

Every year there seems to be a new workout or product that has a lot of claims that you can get massive muscles if you just follow the instructions. To be fair some are legit while others aren’t. You can’t believe all the claims but you should at least listen to them and then do your own research to see if what they claim actually holds up. Mi40x has been catching a lot of buzz as of late with it’s muscle gaining workout routines that promise to get you results quickly by really stressing the muscles of your body to get maximum results.

The workout also provides a proper meal plan that is designed to make sure that you are getting all the foods needed to build muscle but at the same time keep the body fat to a minimal. If you’re buying a workout plan and it doesn’t include a meal plan than you might want to second guess that workout. It’s not that the workouts won’t be effective but everyone knows that eating right is going to be just as important than the workout itself and if you don’t know what to eat and how much to eat than you are going to be fighting an uphill battle. You should always make sure that you are supplied with a nutrition plan that is going to make everything easier for you while you’re trying to get the body that you desire.

Mi40x Is For Real

This is what Mi40x does really well. It breaks down what you need to be eating while on this program and takes all the guessing out of it. As far the workout it self it’s created by the one and only Ben Pakulski who has years of professional body building experience and really knows how to gain muscle fast, safe and effectively. The cost of the workout is well priced and can be used over and over again which is more than worth paying a monthly fee to a gym or hire a personal trainer for 10x the cost of the workout. You can expect to get the muscle pumping and heart rate intense workout that you would expect from any other workout routine or program. The key with most things will be consistency with it. As long are you follow what the workout says and you keep at it, you will have a brand new body before you know it.

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