One of the most heart wrenching problems that men face in their latter years is male pattern balding. It’ something that most men fear and try to do whatever it is they can to avoid having to suffer through it. Fortunately for for men today versus men 30 years ago, out science and technology has helped a lot of people suffering from this, females as well, and the results are far better than people could have ever expected. You have several options when it comes to dealing with hair loss from topical treatments to oral pills to down right surgical procedures. With surgery being the most expensive and the most invasive of the options people tend to lean towards a much cheaper and less aggressive approach.

People now will take medicine like Provillus or Propecia instead of surgery because they can easily take a pill once a day or apply minoxidil foam and call it a day. However that’s not to say that those methods aren’t completely risk free. These hair loss treatments come with some side effects that most people don’t really pay attention to. You can start to experience a low sex drive as well as hair growing in other places that you’re not targeting. Some people experience varies from others depending on the person. The medications warn you that you can experience a loss in your sex drive but claim that it’s only temporary. However some people have claimed that they’ve never been the same since taking these medications for a long period of time.

Speaking of a long period of time, there lies another downside to these medications. You have to stay on these medications and continue to take them for your hair to grow back and stay. Once you stop taking the medication then the process of regrowing your hair stops and you start to lose your hair again. So unless you’re willing to really commit to something like this then you might want to save your money and just do a full transplant so you never have to worry about maintaining a medication in order to keep your hair. So although the surgery may cost more up front, over time you might be spending more on the medications if you continue to take them every day for years and years. Whichever you decide to do make sure that you consult with a professional first and weigh out all your options.

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