You’ve seen them on youtube and facebook. The brothers that have taken the internet b storm with their impressive workouts that only consist on using your body to get really lean and ripped. Ever since they started advertising the workout and it going viral by being shared on facebook and tons of other social media outlets. The bar bros workout has become a new phenomenom in the workout arena. But why? What is making it so popular?

First and foremost I think the reason it has gained so much traction is because the guys in the video seem to be a bit more relate able than some huge body builder person who is benching 400 pounds and curling 50 pound dumbbells like they’re grocery bags. The idea that a normal or average joe can do these workouts and get those type of results it I think very appealing to the mass market of people who are looking to get in shape. You also don’t need any crazy equipment to do the workout so that makes it much more accessible and cost effective for people to really jump on board and get started.

Don’t Underestimate the Bar Brothers Workout

By focusing on calisthenics it really opens up the possibility for everyone to get involved. There is also less risk for injury than trying to through up heavy sets of weight which can be really dangerous if you don’t have the proper form to lift the weights, increasing your chance of injury by a large amount. That’s not to say that you can’t hurt yourself with calisthenics but the likely hood is far less than heavy weights. The videos also make the workouts look fun which is also a highlight of the workout as it makes people see that working out doesn’t have to be boring. You can have fun and get the results you want. Much like any goal when it comes to working out a majority of the results is going to be dependent on your nutrition as well. This will more likely be the biggest challenge but if you can get that down than your results will be that much more significant when it comes to reaching your goal.

Another thing that the Bar brothers did that was brilliant was use the social media platforms as mentioned to really get their product out there. It doesn’t cost them anything to make a video and share it and watch it go viral. It’s the cheapest and most effective form of advertising and it seems to be paying off extremely well for them.

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